Ethics & Sustainability

FEATHER+STONE is committed to helping our customers live more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable lives.

All the paper and card used in my packaging is made from recycled material and, in most cases, is able to be recycled again when you dispose of it.

The silver wire I use to make rings is eco-silver, which is made from 100% recycled silver.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-cycle gold filled products due to their composition (gold is bonded to a base metal), however, the supplier that I source my gold filled chain from ensures that the chain manufacturers that they use source their gold from reputable and trusted mines and that they have policies in place to ensure that their gold suppliers are DRC conflict free.

Ideally I would much prefer to use a fully recycled / recyclable gold product to make my jewellery, however, I use gold fill in order to keep my jewellery at an accessible price point for my customers.  I have chosen to use gold fill as opposed to gold plated as the bonding process used to create gold fill creates a far more durable and long lasting product, thus moving away from ‘fast fashion’.  I hope that by using gold fill I will create pieces that customers will treasure for years.

My primary supplier for gemstones deals directly with gemstone cutters across various countries and conducts personal visits to ensure working conditions are good.